Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Must Have: Nars "Orgasm" Blush

I must admit I have become a makeup snob. I have come a long way from my covergirl blush and foundation. Once I entered the doors of Sephora I was a convert. The rows and rows of eye shadow, all the glorious brushes, the perfumes, the skin products, the beautiful lipsticks.... ooh I was in love I tell you. Through my many visits and many products I have grown to love an amazing blush. It is by NARS and the name of the blush....... "Orgasm"

The reason I love this blush so much is because it goes on different for everyone - no joke. I went with a couple of my co-workers. On me it went on a pinkish/red, on my other co worker it went on a orange/red and on my other co worker a pink. It is light and soft - feels good and does not have that cake-y feel to it. Whats even better is it stays on all day! I have a horrible habit of touching my face throughout the day which means I go home looking as if I didnt even try! eek! Thanks to this blush I leave with some color on my cheeks! Cheers to that!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Quote of the Day

"After all, you can't truly be happy if you've never known pain. You can't truly feel joy if you've never felt heartbreak. You can't know what it's like to be filled unless you've been empty." Kelly Cutrone

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Start

Hello! You may remember my previous home over at and while although that was a wonderful place to share my fun finds, discuss random happenings, and share interesting things I feel in some way I have outgrown that blog - or quite possibly gotten too bored with it. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn't really know what I wanted from that blog or what I was trying to do with it - it was sort of an enigma. I had fun with it, but it was time to move on. Since my last couple posts over there a lot has happened. I got married, I moved into our new house, I've been working a lot, we are adopting a precious little Yorkie (which will be coming home with us in Sept), I've been doing a lot of thinking, and have been trying really hard to not only to find organization but balance in my life.

It has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster and I have learned a lot along the way in a very short period of time. I am constantly amazed at what I am able to handle and what I am capable of - makes me realize that as long as I am focused I really can accomplish anything I put my mind too.

So here are a couple of my goals:

I will work hard everyday (whether it's at my job, with my relationships, or my life)
I will work at continuously improving myself
I will pursue my dream more aggressively
I will work hard at being in the best shape I can (even if I have some hiccups along the way)
I will give thanks everyday for my blessings
I will learn to love myself despite my imperfections