Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Updates

I can not even believe the holiday season is already here. Thanksgiving is less than 3 days away. Christmas is just over 4 weeks away. Where did the time go?! And speaking of time flying - It has already been 6 months since Mike and I said "I do!" WHAT?!

This year:

1.) Got a house
2.) Got married :)
3.) Went to Hawaii for 6 amazing days.
4.) Moved out of my parents house and
5.) Moved into our new home
6.) Decorated our new home
7.) Got a new puppy
8.) Dealt with the perks and down falls of owning a home

A lot of life changing events in a very short period of time. But none-the-less it has been an amazing couple of months. I have a learned a lot of myself, about Mike, about being an adult, about owning a puppy... but it has been so worth it. And to top it all off - we are heading into our first major holidays together. This will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple. I am excited to come up with our own little traditions that we will carry on for years and years and hopefully still when we decide to expand our little family some more (but not for awhile) We are already starting a couple which makes my heart sing. Mike and I both come from wonderful families who we fortunately live very close too, but with that being said - we have a lot of visiting to do!

We have also made a nice little dent into our Christmas list. Scratching off name after name till hopefully it will be done come first weekend of December (keeping my fingers crossed) I have so much to do before the holidays arrive.

On my To Do list (from now till X-mas)
1.) Make fruit platter
2.) Make 2 pies (made cookies instead)
3.) Finish purchasing x-mas gifts
3.) Wrap gifts
4.) Write out and send X-mas cards
5.)Clean entire house (Nice scrub down)
6.) Menu if bro and sis-in-law come by for dinner (made enchiladas)
7.) Stock up for Cookie day (supplies)
8.) Cookie making with Jenn
9.) Finish decorating the tree

To name a few.... but I love this time of year (sans the weather) I cant wait to share this time of year with family and friends - I am truly blessed. What are you all doing for the Holidays?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updates and other notes

So I dont know about you, but I am hella excited for the engagement announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton I am a sucker for a sweet story and my God, hasnt this poor girl waited long enough - 8 years! Yowza! The only thing I feel if-y about is he gave her his mothers engagement ring. Now don't get me wrong - what a lucky lady to be wearing Princess Di's ring, and I get where he is probably coming from - it's an incredibly sweet gesture. However, I think that kind of stuff is bad juju. Let's be real their marriage (Di's and Charles) didnt end well, they got divorced. Ugh. I do think this is different - they are in their early thirities - been together for 8 years. I dont think there will be too many more surprises. ;-) It is a beautiful ring.
In other news. I have been thinking gift ideas. And to be honest I have everything I want and need - truly.... spoiled really (but grateful) but nonetheless - I love to window shop. First up is how gorgeous are these Boots by Frye? They are so beautiful I could cry real tears.

Also I am in the market for some new makeup. Some good stuff. Stuff that wont end up hurting your skin in the long run. Something light and wont come off easily. So I have been doing some research and came across this stuff Make Up Forever which can be found at your local Sephora. It's not terribly expensive but certainly not cheap and comes in a variety of shades.

I also have been hearing a lot about expensive cookware - more specifically Le Creuset cookware. I would have to sell a kidney to buy even their tinest pot but my GOD have I heard amazing things about this stuff. You can do anything in them - even make doughnuts. TRUE STORY. But instead of breaking the bank to have one of these in my possession, the beautiful Giada De Laurentiis made her own version of Le Creuset Dutch Oven - it's beautiful!

This is Me and Mike's first Christmas at our new house and since I am so excited about this, my house is almost completely decorated already - Haha! Tis the season, right?!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't fotget to....

Happy Thursday everyone. The week has been a busy one but alas, it's almost over which means the weekend is upon us! Hope everyone has a fabulous day :) xoxo

Saturday, November 6, 2010

25 Things I Have Learned

Well, my 25th birthday has come and gone and sometimes I can't believe how far I have come in those 25 years and what I have learned.

1. Hard work really does pay off and there is no real satisfaction in taking shortcuts and skipping scene's.

2. Friends and boyfriends may come and go but your family is forever. If you let them, they'll be there for you.

3. Laughing really is the best medicine.

4. It's ok to push yourself and push yourself hard. It's amazing to see how far you can get physically, mentally and emotionally.

5. Anger only creates more anger, and although I may get angry I am learning to let it go faster and faster each time. It is exhausting being angry for any lengthy period of time.

6. Going out of your comfort zone to try new things is scary and amazing - you just have to try.

7. Sometimes you As much as I love Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, OC, Washington, New York (When are they going to let Detroit represent? No?) It's a great feeling to turn that sound off and frickin open a book.

8. You are a much better person, friend, daughter, wife, girlfriend etc when you do things for yourself. Even if it's just getting out of the house to get a pupkin spice latte.

9. Life is way to short. We are constantly riding on this line of life and death and we need to make sure we make the best out of each day. Did I do my very best?

10. Jealousy and envy are empty feelings. I read somewhere that sometimes your ahead and sometimes your behind and as long as you are defining your own definition of success these feelings cant exist.

11. Take pride in what you do - even if it is not the most glamorous thing.
12. Fake it till you make it.

13. Be positive.

14. The universe does eventually even itself out. People don't get away with things that aren't right - eventually the universe will balance out and they will get what they deserve. Don't try to speed it up, let it happen as it should.

15. Do the right thing - even if its the hard thing.

16. Be conscienctious of other's feelings.

17. It's ok to make mistakes. Thats how you grow and learn but remember "You can learn from others mistakes - not all mistakes are worth making"

18. Have discipline - so many people these days think that things should be handed to them or that they are entitiled, this is just not the case. Unless you are a princess, then yes you are entitled.... so.... have fun!

19. Take advantage of adversity. "If you cant live through adversity, you'll never be good at what you do. You have to live through the unfair things, and you have to develop the hide to not let it bother you and to keep your eyes focused on what you have to do"

20. Be happy. It is just that easy.

21. Have faith. Even if you dont believe in that man in sky. Having some kind of faith in this insane world will ground you, it will protect you, it will give you peace and hope.

22. Do what you feel is right - even if it isolates you. I have always stuck to what I believe in and at times it made me very unpopular and a lot of times people wouldnt come to me anymore because they knew what I was going to say (and they werent going to like it) but I never sacrafised my ideals for the majority and im happier for that.

23. People dont change. BUT people can improve.

24. Never stop learning.

25. Never stop growing. Constantly trying to improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally has never been easy for me but i'll never stop.