Friday, February 3, 2012

How things have changed

How things have changed in the course of a couple years. My early twenties were filled with days of traveling between school and work and hanging out with my family and friends and boyfriend (at the time) and spending copious amounts of time at the movies or at the bar. Making plans and taking names. I had a decent group of people I could call on to grab a bite to eat or check out a new bar or club. I use to get excited about a new pack of cloves to smoke or a shot that was bought for me. I lived out of my car and I was never home. Most weekends consisted of the drunk pirate look - behold:
The drunk pirate: a.k.a. I have been drinking too much to be able to see straight out of both eyes so I have closed one so I can see straight out of at least one eye. Done and done. Also gotta love the signature duck lips. So maybe I should call this the drunk pirate duck lip look. Who knows. Over the past couple years a lot has changed from this picture. I've graduated school, I bought a home, I got married, I started my career, I'm pregnant and due in 50 days... I've grown a part from a lot of those friends I've held very dear and in my circle. And that's OK. I don't believe we are in a bad place these old friends of mine but we've simply out grown each other. We still encounter one another whether it be in person or electronically and we are sweet with one another, but it's just not the same. They're in a different place in their lives and so am I. I guess that's life though, right? Nothing ever stays the same good or bad.

So what does life look like right now? It's a lot different at 26 than it was at 21. My traveling consists of no more school but my daily to commute to my job. I hang out with a small group of friends rather than that bigger group. I spend copious amounts of time at home or with family. I get excited when my husband empties the dishwasher or snow blows the driveway. I am more of a home body than I ever have been in my entire life. Being pregnant has also changed me in ways I never thought possible. I'm excited to be a mom. I think it's what I am supposed to do in life, be a mother. I think it's going to open my eyes even more and nothing is ever going to be the same. Most weekends now consist of cleaning and chores and spending time with family. It consists of a movie here and there and earlier bed times. It consists of Saturday morning breakfasts and doing laundry. It's different. But I love it. I love how my life has evolved in such a short period of time into what it is today. Is it glamorous? Maybe not, but it works for me. Is this life for everyone? Not at all. But it's perfect for me.

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  1. I've always felt that I was meant to be a mother too, so I can imagine how excited you're feeling to be entering that phase of your life. I'm so excited for you!