Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday already?!

The weekends go by far too fast which bums me out. Lately the weekends have been so jam packed with the hustle and bustle of preparing for Baby. I am really trying to push through it because the sooner I get it done the sooner I can spend the next 5 weeks 6 days in peace!


I got out of work a little early and Mike and I immediately left the house to go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish in Novi. I got their Bang Bang shrimp and a bowl of their Corn and Crab chowder. So delish! We also tried their Chocolate Creme Brule - it was SO rich we couldnt finish it. After dinner we headed over to the theatre and saw The Vow. It was your typical sappy love story but let me tell you, it was SO fun to stare at Channing Tatum for the duration of the movie. After the movie we stepped outside to a full on blizzard! And I was still wearing my flats, FASHION FAIL! We drove 35 mph the whole ride home. Scary!


Saturday morning we slept in which was so wonderful. We lounged in bed reading, playing on our phones, cuddling. It was perfect. After lounging we grabbed a big bowl of cereal and played pinball on the xbox 360. Around 11:30 two of my co-workers came by so we could head out to the volunteering event we signed up for. It was for the Junior Achievement Jackson school district. We all raised money and bowled. I couldnt actually bowl since I am preggers but I had a lot of fun watching the fun. It was a crazy bowl meaning the first game was normal bowling and the second game was the crazy bowl where they team had to do a bunch of crazy things like get on all fours and toss their ball down using the palm of their hand or do a zumba line down. It was cute. After the event, we headed back home and I immedietly headed over to my parents house since I the bedding I picked out for baby v's room came in. I hung out there for a couple hours and headed home - LONG DAY!


Sunday was for getting things in order. I spent the day cleaning the house, washing and folding all of the babys clothes, doing our own laundry - 3 loads worth! Took a little nap, Mike put together the swing, we made dinner - baked chicken drumsticks and rice pilaf. As we were sitting down having dinner we hear a knock at the door. And since I am not a fan of strangers I was like we are NOT opening the door. But the knocking kept coming and so did the door bell. Finally Mike was like I'm just going to answer it! It was my in-laws! They dropped by since they were in the area to drop off a baby gift that was sent to their house and our valentines day cards/treats. We sat with them for about an hour - it was really nice! Afterwards I finished cleaning, putting away dishes, and folding more laundry until I collapsed on the couch.

It was such a fun and productive weekend. Glad I am still feeling well enough (energy wise) to get things accomplished. I am already feeling sluggish and not moving as fast. To be expected for 34 weeks, right?! This week is going to be busy at work so I am going to buckle down.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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