Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Your perfect day...

I get so wrapped up in work and life and my every day to do's and responsibilities that I sometimes forget that that stuff is just a part of life - it's not everything. I got to thinking how nice it would be to schedule a day off and have a perfect day. Then I got to thinking, what would my perfect day look like?

I'd wake up around 8:00 to an already perfectly clean house.
I'd shower, get ready, my hair - would be perfection. Makeup - flawless
I'd go to Starbucks and grab myself my favorite drink - lately it's been a Vanilla Latte. I'd sit in Starbucks people watching as I savor my drink.
From there i'd go guilt free shopping. I'd buy what I wanted (nothing too crazy) some new makeup, maybe a new top, or how about a new pair of shoes. No guilt!
Afterwards I would get a manicure/pedicure - the works with a major scrub. Afterwards I would a full body massage and slip into a state of EXTREME relaxation.
Afterward that I would meet up with a friend for lunch, preferably somewhere outside to enjoy the weather and a glass of wine.
After lunch I would go see a movie, something heart warming and thought provoking.
After the movie I'd probably head home where I would sit outside with a fruity drink and enjoy the sun.
As dinner approached I would have a Deluca's pizza and bread sticks because on my perfect day there would be NO cooking.
After devouring the most perfect pizza I know, I would snuggle up on the couch surrounded by pillows and blankets and my little puppy in my lap.
I would be nice and toasty and warm where I'd sip on some tea and i'd catch up on my favorite shows.
Once 10:00 rolled around, I'd wash my face, get my PJ's on and read in bed till I fell fast asleep.

How glorious does that sound? What does your perfect day look like?


  1. Wow this is such a great post!! And your day sounds fabulous!! I'm inspired...thinking about my perfect day right now! xx

    1. Thanks Kelly! I'm sure it would involve your two cute pups :-) They are adorable!