Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Mike and I don't celebrate valentines day. We don't buy each other gifts or cards or do anything crazy. In fact I think our plan today is to cook dinner together than go grocery shopping. No joke. I am very grateful for my valentine though, he knows I don't need a day like today to know how much I love him but I am going to tell him anyway.

I love you because...
you love me for me
you're the father of our son
you make me smile and laugh everyday
you send me text messages every morning letting me know you got to work safely.
you're incredibly patient
you kill all spiders and bugs after I freak out
you empty the dishwasher almost every morning
you leave me the last bit of milk in the carton so I can have something to eat for breakfast.
you help me off the couch if I cant get up
you take my glasses off if I fall asleep with them on
you know all my tickle spots
you're full of interesting information and facts
you love your family and mine immensely
you have the softest spot for Mimi and that makes me smile
you're incredibly devoted and loyal
you see lots of chick flicks with me, even at home
you try hard everyday
you know how to cheer me up
you know how to calm me down
you are silly and have the best laugh
you are the best conversationalist I know
you have your own life outside of us
you have your own passions which I love
you want to share your passions with me
you put on a good meal
you give good back massages
you help a lot around the house
you want whats best for me... for us.
you're my best friend
you get me
you are you always...

I love you Michael.

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